Guillermo Rovirosa – The mistake of “political neutrality.”

Guillermo Rovirosa

[Guillermo Rovirosa was a major figure in the HOAC (Hermandad Obrera de Acción Católica) during the 20th century in Spain. According to Gerd-Rainer Horn, “Rovirosa, during the crucial years of the Civil War, worked as an engineer in a Madrid factory. After the outbreak of the Civil War, he was unanimously elected to preside over the workers’ committee which henceforth administered the plant in Republican Madrid. He carried out this function until the fall of Madrid towards the end of the civil war, and was subsequently sentenced by the victorious Francoists to twelve years in prison for his role as head of this institution of workers’ control.” You can find more information about him here and here. (It should also be noted that he is in the process of being beatified.)]

If there were no other mistakes than this, it would not be too difficult to put a little order in our ideas. 

Unfortunately, mistakes abound everywhere and it serves no use to merely clarify one [mistake], when the others stay as they are.

I will point to some “in fact” confusions which contribute to the mistakes in this matter.

1º) Confusing the real Church (hierarchy and laity) with the only Hierarchy. 

2º) Confusing the exclusive ecclesial activities of the clergy with that of the laity.

3º) Permanent confusion between what we should do and what we can do.

4º) Confusing abstract politics with concrete politics.

5º) Confusing “doing politics” with making political men.

6º) Confusing major and minor propositions, when it comes to the politics of Catholics.

7º) Confusing the “label” for the “goods.”

8º) Confusing the “peace of the world” (the absence of war) for the Peace of Christ (the presence of love).

9º) Confusing Christian politics with the Reign of Christ

10º) Confusing political principles for political technique.

The event at Jericho occurred only once. There are many who take it as an example and a permanent model and look to the hierarchy to play the trumpet louder so as to see the solid fortresses that all the laity in the world have erected for the defense of their “worldliness” crumble, , while the Catholic laity slept in the shade dreaming that they saved their soul.