Christians for Socialism: Highlights from Chile’s Religious Revolution (1973)


(Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean)


Introduction, a brief background by Philip E. Wheaton
I. August 11, 1968, The “Young Church” and Its Takeover of the Cathedral
II. August 16, 1971, The Group of the “80 Priests”
III. November 29, 1971, Meeting of the “80 Priests” with 13 Fidel Castro
IV. February 14-March 3, 1972, Twelve Chilean Priests Visit Cuba, Invited by Fidel Castro
V. April 23-30, 1972, First Latin American Encounter of the Christians for Socialism. Origins, Objectives, and Development
VI. February 15, 1973, Convocation For a Tribute to Camilo Torres
VII. June 1, 1973, Declaration by Several Bishops of Chile and a Critique of the Preaching of the Petit Bourgeoisie
In Memoriam