Abbé [A.] Percy (???? – ????)

Curé of Acon (Eure). Interdicted by the bishop of Evreux for his democratic beliefs. He reported this affair in the Démocratie pacifique, February 16, 1849. The following April 19, in the same newspaper, he wrote: “I am a socialist because of my feelings as a man of the heart, and a Catholic priest because of my faith.” He proposed, to attract the low clergy to socialism, to liberate them from the tutelage of the hierarchy. On April 29, 1849, he assisted, in his cassock [soutane], with the banquet of socialist priests [banquet des prêtres socialistes] organized by Démocratie pacifique with Abbé Tranchant and the abbé of Montlouis. As vice-president of the banquet, he declared: “This false, haughty, selfish society will perish, and out of it will come another organized on the eternal basis of truth, equity, and fraternity.”

[SOURCE: J.-B. Duroselle, Les Débuts du catholicisme social en France, 1822-1870 , p. 400.]

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